The ART of Driving

10428 Main Street, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
10428 Main Street Fairfax Virginia 22030 US

The ART of Driving is an award winning educational program for teen drivers, parents and community stakeholders. Our programs increase awareness among teens and parents of the unique risks faced by young drivers and how to minimize those risks. We advocate for improved training, increase supervised time behind the wheel and increased parental involvement. Our programs are tailored to the specific audience. We work with parent and civic groups as well as schools and youth organizations. We also work with parents of young children to help them understand the importance of modeling safe driving behaviors and discussing traffic safety at an early age! We want our teen drivers to not only be safe drivers but smart passengers. Our Teen Task Force program empowers teens to work together on this issue and help keep each other safe by speaking up when faced with an unsafe situation. We will assist parents in improving their coaching techniques when supervising their teen driver. We will work with you to meet your individual educational needs.

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