2008 Timbers Hill Road, Bon Air, Virginia 23235
2008 Timbers Hill Road Bon Air Virginia 23235 US

We are a nonprofit organization on a mission to help women survive, thrive & grow!  Our mission is simple – to impact the lives of women, giving particular focus to those living in in low income, low access communities,  to develop & nourish innovators who turn their passion into profit. This is achieved through our community programs. 

Our vision is a success story for each of them.  Our goal is to help each to realize their potentials and how using what’s already in their hands, they can create a “side hustle” or a real business that can change the trajectory of their lives.  This is accomplished through our online training program – from Passion to Profit – coaching and participation in our social enterprise – Refurbished Collectives, a marketplace for a unique customer shopping experience. 

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