1000 Technology Park Drive, Glen Allen, Virginia 23059
1000 Technology Park Drive Glen Allen Virginia 23059 US


Cobb Technologies is a locally, family owned business that is celebrating its 29th year.

  • Seven branches throughout Virginia – Roanoke, Lynchburg, Newport News, VA Beach, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Richmond
  • Over 100 employees
  • Cobb has always been very involved in their philanthropic efforts; having donated over a million dollars to charitable causes since 1990

After celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2015 we decided to change the direction of our giving. We wanted to have a focus area that we could really an impact on.



We unanimously decided that focus area would be on disadvantaged kids in the Richmond area.

It was important to us to find smaller organizations that were doing great things but didn’t necessarily have the financial means and support to raise the awareness that they needed.

By leveraging Cobb Technologies’ resources and status in the business community, we hope to usher these causes into the spotlight and lend them a voice to be heard.



Our goal is to support the youth in our community and help them build a brighter future by offering assistance in a variety of different areas

  • Promote Education
  • Fight Childhood Hunger
  • Support other small, local non-profits


Cobb Imprint’s mission is to “provide relief for at-risk and impoverished youth in our community.”

Imprint is committed to making a difference in their lives. By partnering together, we have a larger voice to spread awareness, provide support, and offer hope.

These children are the faces of our nation’s future. It is imperative that we continue to be outspoken advocates on their behalf to provide them with a chance for academic success.

Disadvantaged youth are not exposed to language in the same manner that a middle class raised child is. They do not have access to a “language library”.

Providing supplemental food and exposing language through books to impoverished children is a crucial piece towards breaking the cycle of poverty.

We MUST continue to provide hope for those that feel hopeless.



Our goal is to continue inspiring the community to form business partnerships that will allow us to work together in creating a better life for all children. We feel that every child is worthy and deserving of a successful future, and Cobb Imprint is committed to making a difference in their lives. “We hope to inspire a generation.”

As a freestanding non-profit, we rely on volunteers and fundraising to sustain our initiatives.

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