Frequently Asked Questions

What types of non-profits qualify for Community Believers?

All types of non-profits are recognized and structured under the rules and parameters as outlined by the IRS. Supporting documentation will be required at set-up.

Our organization requires 2 signatures on each check. Can that be monitored by the Bank when clearing checks?

Unfortunately, due to today’s automated processing, the number of signatures on a check cannot be verified by the Bank. We suggest such requirements be structured and maintained at an organizational level.

Can churches participate in the Community Believers program?

Yes, as long as your organization is recognized and established under the IRS requirements for a nonprofit, you can be a member in the Community Believers program.

How do I get into your Membership Directory?

Once you open a relationship with Sonabank, you will be sent an invitation and information allowing you to set up your business on our Membership Directory, which is an exclusive directory for our Community Believers members. In the directory, you can access not only other non-profits in our communities, but resources who are dedicated to the aide of non-profits.